Poor Oral Habits from Pandemic Stress

Though restrictions and regulations are beginning to be lifted, many individuals around the world still feel lingering stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress can create significant problems for your overall well-being, including your oral health.

If you develop dental concerns, the appearance of your teeth may suffer as well. Brookwood Dental Associates, a dental practice located in Lansdale, PA, lists three behaviors that stem from stress that could negatively affect the way that your smile looks.

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Which Oral Habits Can Impact the Appearance of My Smile?

Drinking Beverages That Stain

Stress can have detrimental effects on an individual’s sleep, cutting into both its amount and quality. If you wake up feeling groggy, you may turn to caffeinated beverages to get you through your busy day.

Drinks like coffee and tea contain tannins, substances that give the beverages their dark color but can absorb into tooth enamel over time. This will leave stains on the surface of your teeth that cannot be removed with a typical oral hygiene routine.

You can lower your chances of forming this discoloration by sipping through a straw or adding milk to your beverage. But these efforts will not eliminate the risk completely. If you notice dullness, yellowing, or staining in your smile already, ask your dental professional about teeth whitening treatment options.

Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth

Increased stress levels can initiate or exacerbate a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. This behavior, which dental professionals call bruxism, creates pressure on your teeth, which can cause them to fracture, chip, or crack.

This dental damage can detract from the appearance of your smile but could also put you at risk of an oral infection. Severe damage may require restorative dental work, but smaller cracks and chips can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist can treat subconscious bruxism by creating a personalized mouthguard that you can wear overnight.

Skipping Dental Cleanings

With the chaos of the pandemic, many people have skipped routine appointments such as dental cleanings and examinations. Though they may think they are saving themselves a hassle, they could be putting themselves at risk of developing major dental problems, like tooth decay and gum disease.

During these routine visits, a dentist thoroughly cleans a patient’s teeth so that plaque and tartar do not linger on the teeth. They could harm the enamel of your smile, leaving severe structural damage behind. If you have been avoiding your dentist’s office due to stress, you should schedule an appointment as soon as you can for an oral health evaluation.

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