LANAP® Gum Therapy Lansdale, PA

lanap logoDo you advanced gum disease or have you been told you have periodontitis? If you are suffering from the effects of deteriorating gums, our dental care team offers LANAP® laser gum therapy. LANAP® is a leading-edge treatment for advanced periodontal disease that can halt progression and stimulate the rejuvenation of healthy tissue. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and LANAP® can offer a smile-saving solution to restore your oral health and overall wellness.

How Does LANAP® Work?

LANAP®, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, uses the benefits of lasers to address infection and stimulate healing. This FDA-cleared and proven therapy stimulates new growth of bone and gum tissue where gums have receded and exposed tooth roots. It can save your natural teeth and support overall physical health with the restoration of health and stable gum tissue.

The LANAP® procedure will take place over two office visits, concentrating on one side of the gums during each session. During treatment, our dental care team will gently guide the ultra-thin laser fiber into the affected gum area. This laser fiber can simultaneously remove infection and create a natural blood clot in the gum pocket that will stimulate healing and regrowth of healthy tissue.

Although a minimally invasive process, patients can expect to experience mild swelling around the treated gums and will be given instructions for at-home care to ensure a good result. Most patients will be able to resume normal daily activities within a couple of days.

The Benefits of LANAP

As an alternative to osseous surgery for periodontitis, LANAP can offer key benefits for patients. Patients who have received LANAP report that the process is less painful, requires less downtime, and provided faster results for gum rejuvenation. As a minimally invasive procedure, LANAP does not require a scalpel to cut tissue or the use of sutures. Laser energy is targeted to the area being treated and does not impact healthy tissue.

LANAP can help patients in danger of losing teeth to restore their oral health and maintain the structure of their natural smile. Addressing gum disease also has health benefits beyond your smile. Rejuvenated, healthy gums can support your immune system by serving their purpose of keeping harmful bacteria in the mouth from entering the bloodstream. Patients with gum disease are raising thier long-term risk for systemic infections and even cardiovascular disease.

LANAP in Lansdale, PA

Are you ready to explore your treatment options with our Lansdale dental care team? Schedule a visit with one of our dentists to evaluate your periodontal needs and discuss the benefits of LANAP. We welcome new patients and can offer a second opinion if you have been told you need osseous or oral surgery top repair your gums.