Teeth Whitening Lansdale, PA

Do you have tooth stains? Have your teeth become discolored over time? There are a variety of causes of tooth discoloration, including foods and beverages, nicotine, and dental injuries. Foods and drinks like coffee, tea, wine, berries, and tomatoes can stain the tooth enamel over time. The same can be said for tobacco products. These products contain nicotine, which turns the teeth yellow. Patients who have sustained a dental injury may notice that their tooth has become discolored. This is due to intrinsic staining, which comes from within the tooth. Chips and cracks can also expose dentin, the dark underlayer beneath the tooth enamel.

The dental team at Brookwood Dental Associates provides patients with teeth whitening in Lansdale, PA. Whitening treatment is a cosmetic dentistry solution that brightens the smile. Teeth whitening treatment that is overseen by a professional can erase years of stains from the tooth enamel.

Tooth Whitening in Lansdale, Pennsylvania

In-Office and Take-Home Teeth Whitening

We provide in-office whitening treatment with EPIC Laser Whitening. To prepare for this treatment, we isolate the gums to minimize sensitivity. Then, we apply a bleaching gel to cover each tooth. Heat and light activate the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel. We use a laser pen to whiten the teeth in quadrants, for a total treatment time of 8 minutes.

For patients who want the option to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes, we offer take-home whitening. We will provide patients with their whitening kit, which contains whitening gel and application trays. These take-home kits can offer results after just 30 minutes of treatment.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Read the answers to common questions patients have about whitening treatment to learn more about this cosmetic option:

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

At Brookwood Dental Associates, we help minimize tooth and gum sensitivity. During your first consultation with one of our dentists, please let us know if you have a history of tooth sensitivity. We can minimize gum sensitivity with in-office treatment by using a gum barrier. This barrier helps us deliver the whitening solution to the teeth. If you choose take-home whitening, we will review your bleaching gel options with you.

Are there other cosmetic dental options to whiten teeth?

Yes, patients who have intrinsic stains will not respond to professional whitening treatments. This is because their teeth are discolored due to dentin, the layer found beneath the tooth enamel. For deep stains, we recommend porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, or dental crowns. All of these treatments may be used to brighten the smile as well as protect injured teeth.

How does professional teeth whitening compare to store-bought options?

Over-the-counter or store-bought whitening toothpaste, pens, gels, and strips often do not deliver results. Alternatively, some patients may develop sensitivity as a result of using store-bought whitening treatments. When provided by a dental professional, teeth whitening treatment delivers brilliant results with minimal sensitivity.

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