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4 Reasons Why You May Feel Tooth Pain While Exercising

January 22, 2021

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woman experiencing tooth pain while exercising

If you’re a passionate runner, very few things can prevent you from getting your daily steps in. Not even the bitter winter cold stands a chance against your fiery willpower. Or at least, that was what you thought before you started getting searing toothaches every time you ran. Why exactly do you experience tooth pain while exercising? An emergency dentist in Lansdale has four possible reasons.

1. Sensitivity to Cold

Enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, has no nerves and cannot feel pain. When enamel thins, however, the underlying layer of dentin is exposed. Dentin contains microscopic tubules that lead to the nerves in the tooth’s center, which can make them sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Some runners find that cold air aggravates their teeth.

It may help to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth while running. This will keep your teeth insulated from the cold. If this doesn’t work, ask your dentist how you can reduce your sensitivity.

2. Chronic Teeth Grinding

If you unconsciously clench your jaw or grind your teeth, especially when you’re struggling to get over that last hill on your run, you may have a condition called bruxism. When you run, the force of each step reverberates throughout your body. If your teeth are clenched together, you’ll feel discomfort there.

Try to keep your teeth and jaw relaxed while you’re working out. Focus on sending that energy to the parts of your body that need it.

3. Sinus Problems

Your sinuses are right behind the roots of your upper teeth. If you have an infection or some other issue in your sinuses, it can sometimes feel like a toothache. Getting your sinuses examined by your doctor may be enough to relieve your tooth pain while exercising.

4. Gum Disease

In some cases, sensitive teeth can indicate a larger oral health issue like gum disease. When your gums are inflamed due to a bacterial infection, your teeth may hurt when you’re walking or running because of the increased blood flow. Even if it may not feel like a big deal, you should get gum disease treated as soon as possible. What starts out as mild discomfort can progress to the point where your teeth come loose or even fall out.

If you’re feeling tooth pain while exercising, know that it doesn’t have to be forever. Your dentist is here to figure out the cause of your pain and alleviate it right away. That way you can get back to truly enjoying running again!

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