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Why This Dentist Uses Advanced Dental Implant Technology in Lansdale

September 8, 2018

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A dental employee helping a patient receive X-rays.So, you’re finally ready to make the plunge and get dental implants. If you’re searching for a dentist who is qualified, you’ll want to ask them many questions. This may include their experience placing implants and their cost, but do you plan on also asking about the technology they use? When it comes to successful implantation, you won’t want to settle for anything less than a 3D CT cone beam scanner.

This dental implant technology in Lansdale is crucial. Keep reading to learn why!

Not Your Typical X-Ray Machine

Unlike traditional or even digital X-ray technology, the images captured via a 3D CT cone beam scanner are incredibly comprehensive and detailed. With a CT cone beam scanner, the dentist is able to capture a computerized tomography of your entire mouth. This generates a 3D cross-section that allows them to examine all your oral structures, including the bone and soft tissue.

CT cone beam scanners are ideal for many uses, even if they aren’t directly related to dental implant planning. The dentist can diagnose problems with the temporomandibular joint more effectively, plan reconstructive surgery more accurately, and detect, measure and treat tumors in the jaw.

When it comes to understanding the current condition of your mouth and jaw, the CT cone beam scanner keeps you and the dentist more informed. The more informed they are, the better your outcome will be for placing dental implants.

A More Precise Treatment Plan

If you plan on receiving dental implants in the future, a 3D image is much more capable of informing the dentist about your mouth’s many oral structures. For example, it can help them evaluate the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals, nasal cavity, bone structure and tooth orientation. Not only does this allow for more accurate placement of implants, but also helps the dentist avoid hitting these vulnerable structures during surgery. A more detailed image allows for more predictable surgery, which is always going to improve the odds of a successful outcome.

A Faster, Easier and Safer Planning Experience

When you arrive for your X-ray via the CT/cone beam scanner, you’ll either sit in an exam chair or stand, depending on the machine used. You’ll bite down on a specific attachment of the scanner, allowing you to remain as still as possible as the scanner travels around your mouth and captures all the oral structures. This process takes anywhere from 10 seconds to one minute, but the former is more likely if you only plan on getting a specific area of the maxilla or mandible captured.

While CT cone beam scanners produce more radiation than a standard 2D digital X-ray, they offer 98 percent less exposure than traditional fan-beam scanners. Of course, the dentist will always offer proper protection as a precautionary measure.

Don’t settle for anything less than a 3D X-ray through a CT cone beam scanner when considering dental implants in Lansdale. Schedule an appointment today to get started!

About the Author

Dr. Michelle Ardzinski earned her dental degree from the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. With the help of her team and the most advanced technology around in dentistry, she’ll make sure that your implant placement is nothing short of a complete success. To learn more about her practice, you can contact her through her website.

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