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Preparing for Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Lansdale

August 30, 2018

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tooth extractionAre you preparing to get your wisdom teeth removed? Every year, countless individuals undergo this procedure. This common oral surgery can provide great oral health benefits, but many people are nervous before their procedure. However, if you understand why this treatment is often necessary and what will happen during and after it, you may feel more confident as you prepare for your wisdom tooth extraction in Lansdale.

Why Wisdom Tooth Removable Is Necessary

Most people’s mouths are too small to accommodate their wisdom teeth. Therefore, when these third molars begin to erupt, they may push the other teeth out of alignment. They can also be more difficult to clean because they’re so far back in the mouth, which can lead to decay. Sometimes, wisdom teeth even contribute to dangerous infections. If your dentist in Lansdale notices that your wisdom teeth pose a threat to your oral health, they’ll recommend that you get them extracted.

However, not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed. In some cases, they function well as part of a normal, healthy mouth. If they are not causing you any problems, you might choose to leave them in place or get them extracted as a purely precautionary measure.

The Extraction Process

There is no need to be afraid of pain during your extraction; your dentist will make sure your mouth is completely numb. You may be under sedation as well. Once you’re nice and comfortable, your dentist will get to work on removing the teeth.

If the teeth are fully erupted, the extraction might be a simple process during which your dentist uses forceps to gently remove them. More often, however, the surgery is rather complex. Your dentist may need to make an incision in your gums in order to access the teeth. They may also need to break the teeth into small pieces in order to make the removal process as minimally invasive as possible.

After Your Extraction

Following your procedure, there may be some bleeding and swelling in your mouth, so it’s important that you stick to a soft diet. You should also take at least three or four days off of work or school so you can recover. After about a week, you should be able to get back into your normal routine. Your dentist will be sure to provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth during your recovery period.

Wisdom tooth removable may be necessary to protect your oral health. If you need to undergo this procedure, don’t worry! Your dentist will take good care of you and make you as comfortable as possible throughout the extraction process.

About Brookwood Dental Associates

Dr. Norman Kurtzman is one of eight talented dentists in our practice. He has been practicing dentistry for decades, and he has undergone extensive training in general anesthesia. He also has an Oral and Maxillofacial Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania Division of Advanced Dental Education. If you would like to speak to Dr. Kurtzman or one of our other dentists to discuss wisdom tooth removal or any other dental procedure, contact us at 215-368-2424.

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