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3 Reasons Why People Visit Their Cosmetic Dentist in Lansdale

March 7, 2018

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An older woman examining her teeth.Even if our teeth are healthy, it’s easy to wish that we could make them look as healthy as they are. Sometimes age catches up with us and traditional at-home care isn’t enough to make them look like they used to. Your cosmetic dentist in Lansdale understands this. Even though no amount of cosmetic treatment will improve our oral health outright, you still deserve to have a smile you can feel confident to show off.

Whether you’re self-conscious about their crookedness or wish they were whiter, there’s a solution for you. Here are the top three reasons people pursue cosmetic treatments for their smile.

Their Teeth are Crooked

If you have crooked teeth, it’s understandable why you might feel self-conscious about showing off your smile. However, crooked teeth don’t only have the potential to affect your appearance, but also your ability to chew properly. Crooked teeth are also typically more difficult to clean. Therefore, there’s no better time than now for you to consider Invisalign in Lansdale.

Many people pursue Invisalign because of how effective it is at fixing mild to moderate misalignment in their smiles. With millions of cases to back them up, Invisalign is truly a powerful player in the orthodontic world and definitely worth considering, especially if you don’t need to want to undergo the time-consuming process of wearing traditional braces as an adult.

They Wish Their Smile Was Whiter

Removing surface stains can be a real hassle, especially if you regularly consume foods that are known for staining (i.e. dark fruits, wine, red sauces, etc.) You might use teeth whitening toothpaste to counter stains throughout the day, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Additionally, over-the-counter whitening kits don’t have the same high-quality bleaching agents that dental offices do, so it’s not surprising that it’s become so popular for patients in the area.

To meet the demand, your dentist in Lansdale offers in-office whitening and take-home whitening trays to remove stubborn surface stains on teeth. In-house whitening offers a fast but very effective zap of whitening power, while take-home whitening kits let you whiten teeth on your own schedule.

They Have Chips or Cracks from an Accident

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to care for your teeth every day only to have them crack or chip due to an accident. These accidents typically occur when playing sports, but sometimes they can occur when eating tough foods as well. They can even happen after a bad fall while simply walking down the street. Regardless, the world always seems unfair when your smile becomes imperfect.

That’s where porcelain veneers come in. When you’re looking to cover noticeable cracks or large chips in your teeth, no cosmetic treatment does it better than these wafer-thin sheaths of porcelain from your cosmetic dentist in Lansdale. In just two short visits, you’ll be walking out of the dentist without any imperfections in your smile.

Make today the day you take back your smile for good. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and reap the benefits that cosmetic dentistry has to offer!

About the Author

Dr. Michelle Ardzinski earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, where she also graduated magna cum laude. Since then, she’s been helping patients improve their smiles one day at a time through regular preventive care and cosmetic treatments. To learn more about how you can transform your smile or just to ask a question, contact her at (215) 368-2424 or visit her website.

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