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An older couple hugging and smiling outside.When it comes to tooth loss, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Restorative treatments are highly customizable and designed to provide patients the most effective solution to tooth loss possible. However, some people are only missing one tooth while others are missing several or even their entire arch. Therefore, it’s very important that you fully understand what your options are before beginning any treatment plan.

The dentists at Brookwood Dental are more than happy to help you pinpoint exactly what tooth replacement solution is best for your unique case. If you’re ready to speak with them today, contact our office and schedule a tooth replacement consultation; you’ll be glad you did!

A pile of implants and restorations.What are the Tooth Replacement Options?

When choosing the best option for you, start with determining exactly how many teeth you need to replace. Thanks to the versatility of dental implants, there are practically no limits to the number of teeth you need. Your options include a traditional crown and bridge, implant-retained bridges, partial dentures and implant-retained partial dentures.

Crown and Bridge

Traditional bridges work to replace multiple missing teeth at a time. It consists of a single restoration connecting three our four teeth together, then placing it on top of existing teeth to act as anchors. To do this, the dentist removes a small amount of enamel so the bridge can rest on top. This procedure does not involve any surgery or other invasive methods to complete. However, only the crown portion is replaced, not the missing root underneath.

Implant-Supported Bridge

If you’re trying to replace a single tooth, then one implant and one porcelain crown will be most appropriate. These parts are attached using an abutment, which keeps the crown secure as it undergoes everyday functions. Alternatively, replacing multiple consecutive teeth is possible through an implant-retained bridge. These restorations operate much like traditional bridges except they do not require buffing down natural teeth to hold them in place. Instead, an implant rests on either side, holding three to four crowns at a time.

Partial Dentures and Implant-Supported Partial Dentures

If you’re missing consecutive teeth on either side of your mouth, a partial denture is an effective solution. This device is typically made from a metal base and porcelain teeth, allowing for strength and durability. If you’re looking for a more secure solution, the partial denture can also be fitted with implants. Typically, dentures require four to six implants to be held reliably.

An older couple examining an X-ray.The Benefits of Implant-Supported Single Tooth Replacement How Do I Determine Which Implant Solution is Right for Me?

The restoration you choose will largely depend on the number of teeth you’d like to replace and your budget. It also depends on what daily activities you’ll be performing and what the dentist thinks will work best for you based on your needs. For example, many people choose a partial denture when they want a quick solution to tooth loss. Others choose the implant-retained variety because they want to achieve the long-term health benefits that comes with implants. You’ll be able to cover the pros and cons with our dentists during your consultation.

Does Replacing Multiple Teeth Impact the Cost?

The number of teeth you replace will definitely impact cost, but perhaps not as much as you would think. As mentioned, only four to six implants are needed to fit a partial denture, which typically involves replacing far more than three to four teeth. The same logic applies to implant-retained bridges.

Keep in mind that dental implants tend to be the more cost-effective solution, even though their upfront price is higher compared to traditional bridges and dentures.

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