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Advanced Dental Technology

Precision, Comfort, & Convenience

dentists examining X-rays and CT scans to plan a treatment

At Brookwood Dental Associates, we want our patients to enjoy a healthy smile for their entire lifetime. By offering precise and thoroughly-planned treatments, cleanings, and examinations, we aim to do just that. In order to meet our goal, we utilize the most advanced dental techniques and gadgets, like our CT cone beam scanner and Diode dental laser. You can learn more about some of the instruments that you’ll find around our office by reading below.

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

CEREC® One-Visit Restorations

a dentist loading a block of porcelain into an in-house milling machine

Instead of worrying about a flimsy temporary restoration and having to come in for multiple appointments to restore your smile with a dental crown, you can visit us for a one-visit restoration. Within about two hours, our team will prepare your tooth, take a digital impression of the tooth, and transfer it to our in-house milling machine. From there, our milling machine will use the impression as a blueprint to carve a perfectly-fitted permanent restoration out of a solid block of porcelain. Once it’s complete, we’ll make sure it fits properly and cement it onto your tooth, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Laser Dentistry

a dental laser

Our Biolase Epic Diode Laser is a neat device that allows us to complete a wide variety of services, from teeth whitening to laser periodontal therapy with precision and ease. It emits a high-powered, concentrated beam of light from the end of it to remove harmful oral bacteria and severely damaged soft tissue as well as whiten teeth. It completely eliminates the need for a scalpel and sutures and makes treatment virtually pain-free.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery

an oral surgeon conducting a treatment with magnifying glasses on

Our in-house oral surgeon is able to complete the dental implant placement surgery from the comfort of our own office, so you’ll be able to stick with the same, trusted team of professionals that you started the process with. We use our cone beam CT scanner, which creates a detailed, 3D panoramic blueprint of your mouth to guide the surgery to make sure that the implants are placed at the optimal depth into the jawbone. Not only does this make the process more accurate, but it also decreases the risk of any complications.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

a panoramic 3D X-ray from a dentist

Our cone beam CT scanner is a very unique device that allows our team to quickly capture a 3D, panoramic image of your entire facial structure, showing us details like dentition, sinus placement, jawbone density, and even nerve location. We can use this to help us diagnose complex issues such as TMJ dysfunction and thoroughly plan out dental implant placements to achieve the best results.

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